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8 minute audio intro 
Real-life memoirs taken from the explorers' diaries - dating from  60 to 180 years ago.
Narrated by Ken in an easy-going voice. These seven stories comprise two hours of listening pleasure and are particularly good for youngsters who could benefit from hearing such exciting stories read out loud - but any age will appreciate them.  Five take place in the 19th century, and two take place in the 20th century, including Sir Edmund Hillory's historic first ascent, in 1953, of Mt. Everest, with Tenzing Norgay.  One story has a Japanese explorer attempting to cross the Himalayas - his only companions are two sheep.  Another has a solo climb of one of the Himalayas highest peaks, and having to spend the night standing erect on a vertical ice face, with no protective gear, thousands of feet above a glacier.



    One and only children's book from Adventure1. Mabalo's Baloon tells the story of a mid-teen Mayan lad who, with his father, builds a hot air balloon - then takes off to explore exciting regions of pre-Columbian America. History-based glimpses of eight regional American cultures interwoven within this exciting illustrated page-turner.


Right Wingers Duped
...immersed in skewed views and conspiracy theories : excerpt

Right Wing Americans are like strollers who spot a mud hole with a sign saying 'New Conspiracy Theory!' ....and they dive in, head-first - as long as the silly theory fits their agenda. This e-book is in two parts. The first deals with Trump's abysmal style of leadership. The second part focuses on Christianity and articulates the harm its adherents cause in the world. The harm eminating from Evangelicals not only affects Americans, but stretches around the world - and impacts the environment.

  3 minute video into


         and the hippie
The Buddha, Jesus, and a hippie convene on a hill near the Woodstock Music Festival while it's happenng, in summer 1969. They converse for awhile, then Buddha and Jesus sally off to roam on their own, and become immersed in quirky adventures in the nearby region. Spoiler altert: Jesus spends a night in jail for vagrancy.


1 Pill = 28 Years

Thailand is in dire need of penal/prison reform.  The country ranks #5 in the world for % of its citizens behind bars.  Their Injustice system houses tens of thousands of inmates who shouldn't be there.  Some prisoners are locked up for decades on flaccid or non-existent charges. America's  DEA plus right-wing Christian NGO's contribute to the destruction of lives and wrecking of families. If you are open to writing a book review, you can get a free copy of the e-book.


Candy Coated Jesus
subtitle: The New Testament Unveiled
intro & details

Evangelicals won't like this book, just like they don't like too much truth or scrutiny interfering with their glossy Sunday School images of what they're required to believe. The CCJ e-book looks closely at select New Testament passages, using verbatum verses - and reveals how. Jesus was anti-family, pro-conflict, and dissed John the Baptist. Revelation was an embellished psychedilic drug. The newly discovered Gospel of Judas indicates that  Judas Iscariot could well have been one of Jesus' favorite follower. Read it if you dare.

      The term 'CIA Brat' is derived from the term 'army brat.' The connection, in this case is the author's father, an immigrant who started with America's OSS (Office of Strategic Services) during WWII as liaison with the Danish Underground, and stayed on as OSS transformed to become the CIA. The mention of 'drugs,' in the subtitle is in the context of recreational drugs used in the late 1960's, because that was when the author was in his late teens and enmeshed in being a hippie. The term, 'nutzoid mom,' may sound denigrating, yet it's likely every American family of that era had at least some dysfunctional members. Yet, if there was a Razzie-like prize for most nutzoid mom, the woman described in the memoir might be a top contender.

Born in Denmark in 1952 and due to his father's various postings, wound up changing schools 11 times, spread over 5 countries. There were sheltered elitist times as well as 'down in the dumps' times – some triumphs as well as some low points, such as: spending a belladona-addled night in jail during the Newport Jazz Festival. The memoir contains more than a few head-bashingly close calls, some examples; two angry van drivers near Paris, a sexually frustrated bus driver wielding a metal bar in Madrid, two junkies from D.C. who had their drug-money heist spoiled, and saving an 80 lb. teenaged gal from getting raped by two 350 pounders along the Chesapeake Bay bridge. Some of the many tangential topics ruminated about in this memoir include; describing the pineal gland and how it relates to spiritual experiences, death according to blues/folk-legend Elizabeth Cotton, how to form a gigging R&B band, lucid dreaming, and why Nixon's transcribed tapes were so rife with 'expletive deleted.' sample pages

intro and first four chapters
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Lali's Passage

300 pages of fast-paced novel which follows the quirky episodes of Lali, a Burmese beauty who steals away from bondage, and later finds herself sequestered with back-to-the-land Native American wannabe’s - camped in a California wilderness. With episodes in three continents, Lali’s Passage weaves from one outlandish, yet believable scenario to another, and ends with a treasure hunt under a Burmese temple.


first few pages

Robon Take-Over
The sci-fi story is told by a digital device (DD) and set at multi-decade increments in the future. DD's didn't need a reason to take-over the planet, but if a DD were asked, a ready answer would be forthcoming (Spoiler-Alert: can't reveal reason here).  DD's and Robons felt they were left with no alternative than to push aside humankind, and take over.


Farmsteading in Thailand
Auto-biography of solo foreigner coming to Thailand with no prior contacts, no handle on the language and little money – then going on to develop homestead with orchards and rock-climbing adventure park. 250 pages non-fiction, packed with photos – available as e-book.


excerpt from text

Mastodons on Mars
There are four short stories in this sci-fi compilation, all with a similar theme, yet each story is totally unique. Former pets evolve to become masters, and humans devolve to become their pets or slaves. Each scenario features two intelligent species. After reading this, you'll never look at dogs, horses elephants, or pigs the same. Read how humans devolved to servile ape-like beings, while their former pets developed analytical thinking abilities - and the ensuing interactions.


first 3 chapters - view free

Fasting for Health and Highness

The best health insurance is staying healthy. This illustrated booklet shows how a sensible juice / cleansing fast is just the ticket. All the essentials a person needs to know about fasting, safety, benefits, myth-busting, and the best methods are atriculated. The mention of ‘your highness’ in the book’s title, refers to the ‘natural high’ that comes about during the latter stages of a successful fast.  E-book.

Hong Kong, What if...?  excerpts here

If just one or two small things had transpired differently, prior to the 1997 hand-over, Hong Kong would likely still be a British colony or quite possibly an independent state, like Singapore. Strange as it sounds, Chinese officialdom wasn't cognizant of the treaty describing the hand-over - until British officials informed them in 1979. Chinese officialdom were unawares, because of the cavalcade of tumultuous events which took place in China during the 20th Century. The last treaty signed, by British and Chinese officials, actually specified that the most important part of the colony (delineated by 'Boundary Road') remain a member of the British commonwealth 'in perpetuity.'


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