Right Wingers Duped
...immersed in skewed views and conspiracy theories

   non-fiction / Social Commentary
   Copyright 2020 by Ken Albertsen
   Adventure1 Publications
   ISBN 9781879338210

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brief intro:

The e-book comprises two parts.  The second part focuses on misinterpretations of Christianity's New Testament.  The first section is more political, focusing on how right wingers, with Trump at their helm, unwittingly endanger the USA on several levels.  Both parts, religious and political, share commonalities.  One of those common threads is how they depend on unfettered worship, in each case, of a man.  For Christianity, that man is Jesus.  Within the US political realm at t he time this is being written, that man is Trump.

If one were to ask respective devotees, they would likely say they don't necessarily worship the man at the helm, but rather they worship the concepts behind the man, ...the ideals the man espouses.

Since this is being written in 2020, it was decided to have the opening segment of this text focus on Trump.  Religious commentary comprises the second half.

Chapter headings

Duped, As It Applies To Trump Fans

1.  Why Write This Missive At This Time?
2.  Snowflake or Fake
3.  A Big Foot Firmly On Environment's Neck
4.  Post
5.  Virus

Part II:  Duped, As It Applies To Right Wing Christians

6.   Tilting at Windmills
7.   Buddhism in a Nutshell
8.   Who's Dirty?
9.   Fine Tooth Comb
10.  Science Is Not Subjective

copyright 2020 by Ken Albertsen and Adventure1 Publications