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most restrictive:  China, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Syria, S.Arabia, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Laos, Vietnam, N.Korea

Best:  (in Africa:) Namibia.  Best in Western Hemisphere: Costa Rica.  Also best:  all of scandinavia, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Estonia, NZ
which countries are using most Renewable energy:
using most % of renewables:

best in S.America: Paraguay
best in Latin America:  Costa Rica and Belize
best in Europe:  Iceland, Norway, N.Ireland, Bosnia
best in Africa:  middle countries: Congo, Angola, Zanzibar, Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho (landlocked within S.Africa)
best in south and SE Asia (ISEA)  :  Nepal and Laos, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
best in M.East/N.Africa: Afghanistan, runner-up; Mali
best in NW Asia:  N.Korea
best in India/SE Asia:  Burma
best in Europe:  Sweden, Switzerland and Latvia, with runner-up; Portugal, Norway, Icelan

using least % of renewable:
worst in S.America:  French Guiana, with Argentiina runner up
worst in LAmer.  Cuba and Dom.Rep. Antigua,
worst in N.Amer: US, with Mexico runner up
worst in Europe:  England, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, all of former East Bloc,
            >>>  all the 'Stans' : Kazakstan, Uzbekizstan, Turkmenistan, with runner ups:  France, Ireland and Greece
worst in middle East:   Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Eritrea, Libya
worst in W.Africa, Benin, Burkina Faso, with Nigeria runner up
worst in southern Africa:  S.Africa
worst in Aus/Pacific:  Australia
worst in SE Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, with India and Indonesia close behind


highest energy consumers:
millions of btu's / person per year:

worldwide most:  250 to 400 btu/person/yr:  US, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, absolute worst: Dune States.

high:   Russia, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkmenistan, Austria, Hungary, Serbia

Least ww:   mid parts of Africa, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Haiti


SE ASIA; population densities:  (500 to 1250/ sq.Km) Bangladesh, S.Korea
next fastest:   (250 to 500)  India, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka
mid-range:    (100 to 250)  Pakistan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, N.Korea
lower than average: (100 or less) Iran, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Malaysia, Papua NG, Australia, NZ, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar

rural populations lessening, and urban increasing, across the board


human-cause MERCURY emissions in air  ( gram per sq. Km )  2010 statistics:

worst in Asia:  China, India, S.Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia.  Note: China and India are worst in the world
worst in Africa:  Ghana, Togo, Sudan, Zimbabwe, S.Africa, Swaziland, Eritrea,
worst in N.Amer:  Mexico
worst in S.Amer:  Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
worst in Latin Amer:  Honduras
worst in Europe:  Germany, Poland (but not as bad as other ww regions)
worst in MENA:  Turkey

data for three categories above from U.N.:

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